Thursday, 17 June 2010

Who is Steve Jobs? 20% of Britain Don't Know! UK Survey Reveals Steve Jobs May Be Involved With a Trade Union, Bill Gates is a Comedian

I wouldn't like to insult our regular readers of TFTS but for those out
of the know who are wondering who is Steve Jobs, you guys should know
that he's the co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple. What's up
with that you may ask? Well after reading a report that two in ten
people in Britain don't know who the guy is, we decided to shed some
light for those who're trying to find out.
A recent small survey carried out last month in London by Lewis PR
revealed that only 200 out of a thousand people in knew who Steve Jobs
is. Proving just how interested is the UK in the IT sector or signaling
a major image problem, 10-percent of those questioned think that Steve
Jobs may be working for a trade union, while only 5 percent think he's a
a Division Two football player.
The same survey writes that Bill Gates was the most notable figure in
the tech world, but funny, five percent think that he's just a comedian.
Of course all these sound like regular stuff for those of us with some
tech background, and yes we reckon it stirred quite a few laughs in the
office, but giving Caesar what's Caesar's, we're pretty sure there is a
survey out there in the wild that will make us looks like a complete
bunch of goofs one day.
This demonstrates a need for everyone involved in the industry to
speak about technology and the benefits it brings clearly and
succinctly, and avoid the jargon and 'geek speak' that deters so many
from developing an interest, said Eb Adeyeri of Lewis PR.
Still, it's funny, don't you think?
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