Tuesday, 15 June 2010

VIA AMOS-3001 Mini-PC Revealed Small Form Factor PC Features 1080p Video, Fanless Design, 64-bit Processor

VIA has taken the covers off of their new micro-PC, the VIA AMOS-3001,
which measures only 15 x 4.6 x 10.8 cm. While you won't be playing
Crysis on it, it still is an impressive computer for its size. The
AMOS-3001 uses the Pico-ITX motherboard form factor that was introduced
by VIA three years ago.
VIA recently launched the new VIA EPIA-P280 motherboard that fit their
standard, and the AMOS-3001 is the first commercially available
computer to use it. The tiny, tiny computer uses a fanless design, but
as you can see, the entire case of the computer is basically a heat
sink, which is how they get away with it.
Storage is bring your own – the AMOS has no internal storage,
although it does have a few USB ports for external storage, and a IDE
port lets you connect a proper hard drive.
As for specs, the AMOS-3001 is packing a VIA Nano CPU that's clocked at
1.2Ghz as well as 2GB of memory and a VIA XV855 Graphics Processor. The
XV855 is what supplies the 1080p video for the AMOS-3001 – and
does it quite easily, apparently, as VIA brads that the AMOS-3001 is
capable of full-screen HD video output with low CPU consumption and high
frame rates.
VIA has the AMOS-3001 targeted for an industrial market – like
running an assembly line. Despite it's heat sink body and gun metal gray
color, one tech blog said the steely AMOS-3001 would also make for a
pretty impressive HTPC . No word on pricing or availability yet,
although VIA is currently testing the unit with their corporate partners.
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