Tuesday, 1 June 2010

TomTom Ease GPS Navigation System TomTom Ease Entry Level GPS Set for North American Release

If you re based in North America and you re looking for a base level
(and therefore budget priced) GPS navigation system TomTom hope that you
ll find their latest entry level GPS system, namely the TomTom Ease, of
The TomTom Ease, which measures in at a decidedly compact 3.4 � x 3.6 �
x 1.2 � (indeed TomTom state that the Ease is their most compact GPS
system to date), sports a 3.5 � touchscreen display, packs 2GB on
onboard memory and aside from coming with TomTom s Fold Go port mount
also offers up text to speech functionality.
Coming pre-loaded with US maps the Tomtom Ease is set to hit retail
early this year (alas we can be no more specific than that at this
juncture) for an as yet undisclosed price.
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