Tuesday, 1 June 2010

SmartStor Zero NS2600 NAS Revealed New Network Storage Features Easy Setup, DLNA Standards, 2TB

SmartStor has uncovered their newest NAS unit, the NS2600 which has a
bunch of bundled software and other features to make setting up your own
network storage easy. On the hardware side, it's a two-bay NAS unit and
they have full support of DLNA standards.
DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a s
tandard used by manufacturers to organize digital media devices across
of a home network. From the players to connect to your TV, to network
attached storage that saves your 250GB of ripped Simpsons DVDs to your
computer that's viewing content on Hulu. DRM is also a big part of the
DLNA standard – as it could let providers put copyrighted content
across of a home network.
The other attraction of the SmartStor Zero is the ON software. Setting
up a NAS can be complicated work for some, as you have to setup the
network, and then give users rights on various computers. SmartStor is
changing that with their ON software which will come bundled with the
NAS. As the press release for NS2600 says: Unpack, power-on, install
the ON software and the rest is completely automatic. The ON software
will take care of thins like mapping and opening the network sharing
SmartStor Zero will also have some social networking features, as it'll
let you upload a picture stored on it directly to Facebook without need
for a computer. Why this would be faster/better than uploading your
pictures to a computer is beyond me, but it's a nice feature to have.
With all this focus on easy setup, it would of been nice to see
SmartStor include some backup software – as that is a key use of
NAS devices, but the SmartStor zero seems to be orientated for media
sharing rather than backing up. It will start shipping in Q1 2010 for
$279, with one 1TB drive included or $399 with two 1TB drives included.
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