Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Pure Flow Digital Radios Revealed Pure Shows Off Five New Internet Radios, Features Include Alarm Clock, iPod Compatibility, Touchscreens

Internet radio has come a lo
ng way from the low-bitrate 56k radio feeds we used to have to deal with
in the mid-1990's. Anybody with a MP3 collection can setup a Shoutcast
collection and many radio stations are gladly simulcasting their content
over the air and to the internet. At CES last week, Pure unveiled five
new internet radios, each filling a different market niche.
The first new radio is the PURE Sensia, a small colorful radio that
features a large color touchscreen and has app support. Its controls
allegedly work like an iPod, as they support 'scrolling and spinning'.
In addition to internet radio and podcast support, the Sensia features a
FM radio and has inputs for a MP3 player. It'll retail for $350.
Up next is the Evoke Flow, which has a portable body with a handle
– and the whole look of the radio sort of has a 1950's retro look
to it. It doesn't have a color touchscreen like the Sensia, but it does
have a graphical OLED display for tuning into your favorite FM and
internet radio stations. The Evoke Flow will cost you $230.
The Siesta Flow is a bedside radio and could easily be mistake for a
regular alarm clock with its form factor. Like the other models, it can
connect to internet radio via a WiFi connection and also can pull in FM
radio stations. It also features a USB power port for charging your
favorite gadgets while you sleep. The Siesta Flow will cost you $140.
The PURE Oasis Flow is a outdoor portable number with a 'ruggedized'
case. It's completely waterproof, so it's at home in say, your bathroom.
It uses PURE's ChargePAK battery technology to provide an extra long
battery life. PURE is asking $250 for the outdoor radio.
The flagship of PURE's new products is the PURE Sirocoo 550. The micro
hi-fi system consists of two speakers and the main unit, which supports
internet radio, FM radio, CD playback, an iPod dock, and MP3 player
ports. It features a large OLED display for tuning in and has a
companion website (www.thelounge.com) where you can set internet presets
for your radio. It'll set you back $450.
All of these devices have prices attached to them, but PURE expects to
announce release dates later in the year. Demo units were on the floor
at CES.
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