Tuesday, 1 June 2010

New 3D Dimension uPrint Plus Printer Now Faster, Bigger & More Efficient New Stratasys uPrint 3D Printer Still Costs $20,000

Maybe we re not witnessing the best economy to go ahead and purchase a
3D printer. But if you have a
lot of cash to spare then this uPrint Plus 3D printer might be exactly
what you were looking for.Stratasys Dimension uPrint Plus 3D printer
will let you print whatever you want in 3D. Well maybe not whatever but
you ll definitely be able to let your imagination run wild with this
one. So whether you re a professional designer that wants to showcase
its concepts or whether you re printing 3D toys for your children, the
uPrint Plus will do the job. But if you re ready to pay $20,000 for the
printer then you surely won t want to print toys for your kids as you ll
probably have enough dollars left to buy them whatever toy they desire.
The new printer is going to be ready to ship at some point in March.
Should you replace the former Dimension uPrint? Well, the 3D printer is
bigger, faster and more efficient. What could you want more, besides the
$20,000 of course?
The printer has a small footprint which permits desktop use: 25 x
26-inches and it has a build envelope of 8 x 8 x 6 inches which makes it
33% bigger than its predecessor. And you ll be able to make even larger
3D models right now.
Using the Smart Supports material usage is dropped by 40% so you won t
consume the same amount of material as you did before. Furthermore, the
3D modeling is 69% faster thanks to the SR-30, a support soluble
material that will increase the speed of the modeling process.
The uPrint Plus printer will come with various color materials for you
to use in order to differentiate various parts of the 3D model. These
colors include red, blue, olive, black, dark gray, nectarine,
fluorescent yellow, and ivory so go ahead, get those $20,000 and start
designing. March is almost here!
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