Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lenovo Lephone Official Pictures Get Leaked Lephone Android Phone Ready to Rumble in China

Lenovo launched a new Android phone during CES 2010, the Lephone, and we
have some pictures to prove it. While the Android handset is scheduled
to arrive in China at some point later this year, I must admit I wouldn
t mind playing with it for a while especially since it comes with some
very useful accessories like the clip-on full QWERTY keyboard.The new
Android universe will allow manufacturers to innovate even more when it
comes to Android handset. Just last week we ve seen a very unusual
Motorola BACKFLIP phone that sports a daring new mechanism and an extra
touchpad for better browsing and control. And now we see the Lephone
which will grant us an attachable keyboard that we can use whenever we
need such a precious accessory.
The phone itself comes with a bunch of interesting features:3.7-inch
touchscreen display 480 x 800 resolution Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz
processor Touch-control panel WCDMA support Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS
3-megapixel camera VGA camera for video calls Skylight OS
The handset has an unusual form with its rounded corners and the first
gadget that comes to mind as I m looking at it is Sony s PSP. I m sure
the Lephone is not intended to be used as a gaming platform but one
could always dream.
As you can see the Lephone is a nice alternative to the Motorola Droid
or the Google Nexus One and it could turn out to be a bestseller device
in China once it hits the stores. Lenovo has not announced the official
arrival dates for the Lephone yet and we have no pricing details either.
The handset might never make it to European or U.S. soil but, if
marketed correctly, it could bring in quite a few sales for Lenovo once
the company decides to conquer these markets.
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