Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Casio EX-10HG Hybrid GPS Digital Camera Concept Teased Casio's EX-10HG Hybrid GPS Camera Will Geolocate When Out Of GPS Coverage

In closing out CES 2010, Casio has shown off a new GPS-enabled digital
camera with a range of interesting functionality.ย The Casio Exilim
EX-10HG Hybrid GPS dig
ital camera concept uses GPS to geotag images when taken, and uses
three-axis accelerometers to continue to geolocate even when out of
range of a global positioning satellite.
The Casio EX-10HG digital camera concept brings basic GPS functionality
to both photography and travel.ย This Hybrid GPS camera will geotag
your photos as you take them, adding location data to your
photography.ย Should the camera's user go out-of-range from a global
positioning satellite, the unit will continue to track and geolocate the
user's position using built-in three-axis accelerometers.ย
Additionally, since cameras like these are often used for travel, Casio
has added other travel-standard GPS functionality like maps, a
pedometer, a calorie use counter and a total distance traveled meter.
Beyond the Casio EX-10HG's Hybrid GPS features, the camera itself
includes a 12.1 MP sensor, a 10X zoom lens, 720p video recording and
more.ย Should the Casio EX-10HG Hybrid GPS digital camera concept hit
production, expect it to cost a pretty penny more than the $500 ticket
for the EX-10 predecessor.
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