Sunday, 6 June 2010

Alex eReader Shown Off At CES New eReader Features Color, Google Content

eBook Readers have suddenly become very popular in the tech marketplace,
with lots of new devices hitting the market – many of the similar
to one another and otherwise unremarkable. Spring Design's Alex eReader
hopes to stand above the background noise with some discernible features.
The most noticeable feature of the Alex is the inclusion of the smaller
color menu screen, extremely similar to the Barnes and Noble Nook, and
so similar, in fact, that Spring Design has been claiming that Barnes
and Noble ripped off their design when they introduced the Nook with
that small color screen.
At CES we learned that
the Alex will be running Android, and that Spring Design and Google will
actually working together a lot more closely in the future – users
will be able to directly view eBooks from Google Books. Currently,
Google Books only offers public domain and lapsed copyright books.
In addition to its eBook reading abilities, the Alex will also be able
to surf the web. Its black and white screen comes in at 6-inches, while
the smaller color menu screen is 3.5-inches. The Alex will have no
on-board storage, but instead a microSD slot. Pricing and release dates
haven't been declared yet.
Edit: Tech blog Engadget has reported that the Alex will be released on
February 22nd and will cost $399.
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