Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Panasonic Unveils 152-inch 4K2K Plasma HDTV Full HD 3D 4K x 2K 152-inch Plasma HDTV Coming to Your Giant Home

Getting passed the fact that this Panasonic HDTV is a plasma TV, I still
wouldn t get one even if I had all the money in the world and the giant
home to house such an impressive monster. After all, why get such a
monstrosity when one could revert to a high-end projector
instead?Panasonic has unveiled this 152-inch plasma HDTV at CES 2010 and
I am sure that it will make some folks happy. Not only is it huge but it
also sports features like full HD 3D and a resolution of 4K x 2K. If
your mansion has the space for it, you will certainly want to buy one of
these babies although they will surely not come cheap.
The new Panasonic plasma comes with a new plasma display panel in which
the company uses its own new �super-efficient quadruple luminous
efficiency technology � which makes a self-illuminating TV offer you an
�overwhelming immersive experience �. The technology should offer a
great response to moving images which means that 3D movies will look
particularly good on such a display. Panasonic has also employed a
crosstalk reduction technology which will fool our eyes into seeing 3D
images better than other 3D panels.
Panasonic is getting ready for the future of TV watching which has 3D
written all over it. Future displays will be ready to accommodate our 3D
needs and will definitely come in handy in various areas like business,
medicine or education. And they will be able to offer us a true 3D
viewing experience of the hottest 3D movies and TV shows. If only
Panasonic made smaller similar HDTVs! But I am sure they will do so in
the near future.
As you expect we don t have any pricing details and arrival dates for
you at this point but you should think about saving a lot of precious
cash to buy this 4K2K 152-inch plasma HDTV from Panasonic.
Picture from Gizmodo
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