Monday, 10 May 2010

New Kodak EasyShare M-Series Cameras Unveiled Kodak EasyShare M580, M575, M550 & M530

Having just offered you a heads up concerning the newly unveiled Casio
Exilim EX-Z2000 Kodak have also announced a new range of point and shoot
compact cameras in its EasyShare M-Series range consisting of the Kodak
EasyShare M580, M575, M550 M530 which all boast a �Share button
allowing you to tag both stills and movies for sharing on sites such as
Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and, of course, Kodak s own Kodak Gallery.
Offering up a facial recognition system which facilitates the cameras
recognising up to 20 separate faces " allowing you to locate photos of
loved ones and friends with ease " the new EasyShare M-Series point and
shoot cameras also offer HD video capture capabilities whilst also
boasting Kodak s Smart Capture technology that encompasses Intelligent
scene detection, Intelligent capture control and Intelligent image
Of the four new M-Series Kodak EasyShare cameras the M580 tops out with
a 14 megapixel sensor whilst also offering 8x zoom, TV and HDMI
connectivity and a 3 � LCD display and is set to be priced at some $200
whilst the $180 M575 comes with a 5x zoom lens and sans HDMI
connectivity. The M550, on the other hand, drops the sensor resolution
to a still far from shabby 12MP whilst the display also gets reduced to
2.7 � whilst offering 5x zoom whilst the M530 retains the same sensor
but comes with just 3x zoom. The M550 and M530 are set to retail at
around $150 and $130 respectively.
Interested? The new Kodak EasyShare M-Series point and shoot cameras
should be dropping sometime next month (February).
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