Saturday, 22 May 2010

Google Nexus One 3G Issues Widely Reported Nexus One 3G Reception Issues Plaguing Users in US, T-Mobile & HTC Seemingly Clueless

According to various users posting in the Google Mobile Help Forum it
seems that Google s Nexus One Android smartphone is experiencing some
issues in terms of 3G reception with a number of Nexus One users
reporting that Google s much hyped smartphone intermittently looses 3G
reception " thus falling back onto EDGE connectivity " or suddenly
drops to just 1 bar in terms of reception quality for an as yet unknown
I say �as yet unknown as the affected US based users, who have secured
their handsets via T-Mobile, have reported that even T-mobile seem
clueless as to what s causing the either sudden poor or complete loss of
3G reception. Interestingly one user who has contacted HTC directly was
helpfully told to direct questions to T-Mobile – which would
indicate, it would seem, that HTC suspect that the issue may lay with
T-Mobiles 3G network, but many remain unconvinced that this is indeed
the case. That said, at least one user has reported that HTC have agreed
to replace their specific handset (so who knows where the fault truly
�I upgraded from a Blackberry Pearl to the Nexus One. I cannot get any
3G service as of yet, � writes one poster. �Don t know what the problem
is. T-mobile and HTC support weren t able to help. �
Another writes �It's got to be an issue with the phone right? ย Either
something with the hardware, such as bad antennas, or a software bug.
ย Either way that seems like it would fall squarely on the shoulders of
HTC phone support. ย I don't blame T-mobile for pushing us back to HTC
with this issue, although it's a crappy experience to the customer
getting bounced back and forth between two support lines. ย When I get
home from work tonight I plan on getting back on the phone with HTC. ย I
think this set of posts, with so many people saying my G1 gets perfect
signal in this location while my Nexus gets crap is enough proof that
HTC needs to be acknowledging the problem and working on a fix. � (for
those that don't know, HTC manufacture the Nexus One, of course).
And, adding to the seemingly building consensus that the 3G reception
issue may indeed be a hardware issue (rather than a network issue)
another adds, ย �It's not the SIM cards, the same card works perfectly
in my G1.ย I'm thinking it's the 3G radio or antenna, or some software
glitch.ย You would think a software issue would be on everybody's phone
though.ย Since not everybody has the problem it's probably a hardware
thing. �
You can view the ongoing stream of end user reports here and, needless
to say, we d love to hear from Nexus One owners directly who are
experiencing 3G reception issues. Are you? Do let us know.
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