Monday, 24 May 2010

Brando USB MP3 Player + Card Reader Revealed New MP3 Player/MicroSD Reader Has Small Form Factor, Cheap Price

Brando is usually always good for cheap and quirky USB gadgets and this
time is no different. They've unveiled the USB Tiny MP3 Player + micro
SD Card Reader . The small device looks li
ke a colorful thumb drive, but it actually will play your music and help
you adapt microSD cards for a PC.
A ton of gadgets these days offer microSD slots for more expansion
memory, so you may find more and more need to access microSD cards on a
conventional PC. This little gadget solves your problem. It's also a MP3
player, but I think it's clear that Brando intended it to be a microSD
card reader first.
Why? The 'MP3 player' has no on-board storage. It plays the music off of
the microSD card you've got in there. It comes at a cheap price ($18),
but users have to provide their own memory. It can support microSD cards
upto 32GB, and when using it has a MP3 player it'll have two hours of
battery life. It's now shipping worldwide from
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