Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sony Vaio Z11 Notebook Rumored to Get Quad-speed SSD Upgraded 13.1" Sony Z11 Not Only Uber-Fast, Brings Backlit Keyboard

Already a great piece of machinery, the new Sony VAIO Z11 is supposedly
getting an upgrade that is meant to make it even faste
r. We're not talking about a snappier processor or more RAM memor, but a
new quad-speed SSD — probably the fastest notebook storage drives
ever, that would be capable to transfer 1GB of data in nothing less than
4 seconds. Oh, and if you need something to compare it with, a regular
5,400rpm is much niftier; it gets the job done in 25 seconds.
Running on a regular 128 GB solid-state drive for the moment, the
13.1-inch Sony VAIO Z11 would combine four SSDs in a RAID configuration
for a total of either 256GB (4×64GB) or 512GB (4×128GB). On
top of featuring state of the art storage, the new Z11 is also rumored
to get a backlit keyboard.
Sounds cool? Now imagine how awesome it would be to copy a full HD 7GB
.mkv movie in just shy of half a minute. Yes, Sony, we want to get our
hands on this upgraded VAIO Z11 as soon as possible. So let's wait for
their CES 2010 keynote speech to know more.
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