Thursday, 1 April 2010

Nokia Booklet 3G Arrives In UK Nokia Taking UK Pre-Orders, 10" Screen, 3G Enabled, 120GB Hard Drive, £649

Nokia's hotly anticipated netbook, which was earlier released in Germany
and the United States is now out for pre-order in the United Kingdom.
The 10 notebook will set you back pound sterling649 ($1,048), but no
word on when they'll start shipping them.
Nokia will be shipping the netbooks SIM-free and unlocked, which
explains the steep pr
ice. In addition to the 10 screen, the Nokia Booklet 3G features an
Intel Atom Z530 processor (1.6GHz), 1GB of RAM and a 120GB hard drive.
As for software, it comes running Windows 7, with Nokia's Ovi Store and
other Nokia apps pre-installed.
Reviewers who have gotten their hands on the Nokia Booklet 3G are
impressive with the netbook's quality, although you might not be
impressed with the low-end tech specs. SlashGear points out that
although it isn't being offered in the UK without a subsidy and telcom
contract – this might actually be good for the consumer,
considering how outclassed this netbook will be in a year. As I said
earlier, the Nokia Booklet 3G is being pre-ordered now for pound
sterling649, with no word on when they'll hit the delivery trucks lorries.
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