Friday, 2 April 2010

New Panasonic Lithium-Ion Battery to Power Up a House New Li-Ion Battery Coming from Panasonic in 2011

Panasonic is going to create one of the hottest batteries available to
date. The
new lithium-ion storage cell should power up a whole house in 2011 when
it could be available to the general public. I don t know about you but
I d want to plug that battery right into my laptop and see how much life
it will be able to offer me.Furnio Otsubo, president of Panasonic said
that the new battery should offer sufficient electricity for about one
week of use. That s certainly something I could get used to although I
bet the new battery concept is not going to be that affordable.
Panasonic has become Japan s second-largest electronics manufacturer
after it completed the acquisition of Sanyo. It seems that the new giant
has all the resources needed for such a bold endeavor. Creating a
battery that can power up a house it s not such an easy thing to do. But
once such products become available, people will definitely want to use
Solar batteries and fuel cells which some of us already use to power up
our homes can t actually store energy. That s why a lithium-ion battery
that can last for about a week before needing a recharge is something
else. Such a battery could help you save some money on that monthly
electricity bill and it will also contribute to saving our little planet.
No specific details about the future home battery from Panasonic have
been given yet. In two years time we should know more about the device
and Panasonic will definitely want to periodically show everyone its
Not only could we end up driving hybrid or electric cars by 2011 but we
could also use rechargeable batteries to power all our devices in our
homes. What do you say, folks, are you ready to switch to eco-friendlier
energy sources? Do you think Panasonic will have a product ready so soon?
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