Friday, 30 April 2010

iRiver Black Hello Kitty PMP Sees Light in Japan iRiver Debuts Stylish Hello Kitty Media Player in Black & Gold

Christmas is just around the corner and many of you guys out there (me
included) haven't decided yet what you're getting for your gals?ย Well,
there's no need to despair as we may probably have the perfect gift.
Keeping away from the pink she probably got last year, check out the new
iRiver Black Hello Kitty portable media player that the South Koreans
from iRiver have just announced today, in Japan.
Available in 2GB and 4GB storage versions, the new Black Hello Kitty PMP
comes with a shiny black coating and golden accents. Supposedly the
hippest device in Japan for this holiday season given its cute design,
the Black Hello Kitty features a USB cable to connect it to your
computer, a set of ear buds and a little lanyard that allows you to
attach it to a beltloop for example.
Although a Japan-only release, the black golden Hello Kitty media
player will run you ยฅ7,980 (about $90) to grab one when released on
December 18th. It supports both MP3 as well as WMA audio files, and only
weighs 16grams (45.2×17x35.5mm). Perfect, eh?
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