Saturday, 10 April 2010

Innergie mCube Mini Is A Tiny DC Charger Mcube Mini Is A Discreet Auto/Air Notebook Charger

Innergie has shown off the mCube Mini, a small cube-shaped white little
aircraft/auto notebook charger. Innergie is claiming it's the world's
smallest. The mCube Mini can be powered by either a 12V or 15V outlet
from a car or passenger seat of a commerical airliner.
Some airlines don't offer regular power outlet plugs for passengers, and
we're all famil
iar with the car power outlets. The mCube Mini lets business travelers
power their notebooks and netbooks, without having to carry a bulky
charger andย adapterย around with them.
As far as the specs, the mCube Mini provides 65W of power at 15-21
volts. Reports say that the Mini is 'smaller than the palm of your
hand'. In addition to the regular power port, they've thrown on a USB
port to let you charge your other gadgets as well. Theย adapterย is now
shipping, and will set you back $70.
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