Saturday, 10 April 2010

HP Planning Lots Of New Laptops, Desktops For 2010 Leak Reveals 14 New HP Models Before Their CES Announcement

HP's CES plans have been spoiled early. Reports and pictures for some 14
new HP models have hit the internet, ranging from lowly netbooks to the
high-end gaming machines. HP certainly is going to have a lot of nice
offerings in 2010. Although we don't have formal, full specs for each
computer, pricing and some basic tech overviews
for each model have been released.
The highlights – The HP Pavilion dv4i, will be a small notebook,
with a 14 screen and Windows 7. It won't be a netbook, and will cost
around $785. The HP Mini 210 HD is a variant of HP's familiar Mini 210
netbook , but it will feature a HD video playback chip from Broadcom
Crystal. That'll cost you $330, vs. $321 for the regular HP Mini 210.
Other highlights – HP is releasing a new netbooks with the Compaq
name, however, it's your typical netbook (Atom, 1GB of RAM, GMA
graphics), and they will ask $260 for it. HP is also adding a new line
of desktops, the Pavilion Elite series will all ship in a ATX
micro-tower case, and will all carry Core i5/i7 quad-core processors.
The flagship of the line, the Elite HPE-180t, will sport 8GB of DDR3
memory and a GeForce GTX 260 graphics card.
We're expecting these computers to be officially unveiled at CES
(January 7th to 10th), with these new computers to go on sale shortly after.
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