Friday, 30 April 2010

Haleron Mio iLet Tablet Revealed Haleron's 10-inch Mio iLet Tablet Offers Pine Trail Power, Multitouch and Windows 7

Just a few days away from CES 2010 and Haleron has released a device
that joins two common threads in recent gadget news: tablet PC's and
Pine Trail processors.ย The Haleron Mio iLet tablet PC features Intel's
N450 Pine Trail processor, a 10-inch multitouch display and a cu
stom version of Windows 7– and it begins shipping next week.
While the internet tablet releases have just started to hit, the flurry
of related news at CES 2010 has yet to begin.ย The Haleron Mio iLet
tablet is the latest in this theme, picking up where tablets like the
JooJoo left off in December.ย The Haleron Mio iLet brings another
common pre-CES news item, the inclusion of Intel's Pine Trail
technology.ย While the Haleron Mio iLet may not be the sexiest tablet
release to date, it is the most complete– at least in this
writer's opinion.
The Haleron Mio iLet fulfills the most common mobile computing
standards– Windows 7, a multitouch display, a Pine Trail
processor, 3G connectivity and GPS.ย Specifically, the iLet features a
10-inch, 1024 x 600 multitouch display, the power-saving Intel Atom N450
processor, a 160GB HDD and 802.11a/b/g wireless standard, all for the
price of $419.ย At a premium, buyers can add 3G connectivity for $100,
quad-band GSM for $50, added hard drive storage space for $260 and GPS
for $75.ย Add that all up, the top-of-the-line Haleron Mio iLet could
run you a pricey $904 before you even consider buying a 3G service plan.
In all, the Haleron Mio iLet is a nice, well-rounded device.ย While
this tablet is available for purchase now, it might make sense to hang
on for a few weeks to listen to Apple's tablet sales pitch after CES…
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