Friday, 30 April 2010

Discovery, Sony & IMAX Announce Plans for 3D Television Network 24/7 3D TV Network Coming to the USA?

I am not a big fan of 3D movies since they tend to give me mild
headaches. Nonetheless I do go to 3D theaters all the time hoping that
the next 3D title won t trouble me as much. The main problem, which
others also complain about, are the 3D glasses which ma
ke your eyes and the brain behind them go crazy. Avatar was a 3D movie
which, despite being almost three hours long, managed not to provoke
that many headaches.With all this in mind I can t but wonder if a 3D TV
network could be successful or not. Would you like to watch 3D shows all
day long? Could your eyes take all the extra strain or would you settle
for regular TV shows and go for 3D movies only on special occasions?
I am asking you all these questions as three major names in the
entertainment business, Discovery Communications, Sony Corporation and
IMAX Corporation have decided to create a TV network dedicated to only
3D content. The announcement, made at the CES 2010 in Las Vegas today is
certainly surprising but also very logic. More and more 3D shows and
games are being conceived already which means a 3D-based TV network is
bound to happen.
The 24/7 dedicated 3D TV network is planned for the U.S.A. and it sounds
pretty promising. After all, the names behind this joint venture have
lots of 3D shows worth seeing. On the other hand, I d still be waiting
for autostereoscopic 3D TVs that don t require the use of any special
glasses to watch such shows.
With a dedicated 3D TV network in place, more consumers will probably
start moving on to 3D panels capable of bringing their favorite 3D
content to their homes. Discovery, Sony and IMAX will be equal partners
in this first 3D TV network and they will bring lots of shows to the
table including natural history, space, exploration, adventure,
engineering, science and technology, motion pictures and shows for
Actual details about the future 3D TV network have not been unveiled at
this time but we expect to hear more about it in the very near future.
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