Friday, 30 April 2010

Datacolor Spyder3HDMI Revealed New Device Lets You Recalibrate Your HDTV Without Computer

People who buy a HDTV often strive to have the best quality picture
possible. Datacolor's previous solutions used a DVD with the color
targets and a sensor attached to the front of your screen that helped
you configure your colors properly. Enter the Spyder3HDMI, a new device
from Datacolor that eliminates the need for sensors.
The Spyder3HDMI will connect to your TV via an HDMI port and then will
automatically recalibrate your HDTV, without need for sensors or
anything cumbersome like t
hat. All needed software, including the lovely color targets, is
included onto the device and a helpful step-by-step process helps even
Luddites get their HDTV perfectly tune.
The Spyder3HDMI may help you in more than one way, Once calibrated,
consumers will see an amazing difference in the viewing experience, as
well as a reduction in their energy consumption because a calibrated TV
is more energy efficient, An Datacolor Vice President said in their
press release. No word on pricing or a release date (the non-HDMI
variant of the Spider3 goes for $250), but the Spyder3HDMI is being
shown off in person at CES.
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