Sunday, 4 April 2010

Art Lebedev Teases Fleximus Flexible Tube Camera Art Lebedev's Fleximus To Provide Greater Flexibility For Photographers

Art Lebedev has teased a new, flexible digital camera concept called the
Fleximus .ย Lebedev, the designer of the famed Optimus Maximus OLED
keyboard, created this goose neck digital camera to provide greater
reach and flexibility to digital photographers.
The business-end of the Fleximus camera houses the unit's lens and
sensor, while the opposite end of the goose neck unit has a small
eyepiece viewfinder.ย That eyepiece connects to a larger control unit
with an LCD screen and functionality that will be a little more familiar
to digital photographers.ย It's likely that most digital camera owners
have foregone the viewfinder for the LCD display when framing an image,
so the Fleximus LCD unit will make the jump more comfortable for most.
Art Lebedev's Fleximus camera is part of a new trend in digital camera
concept design.ย While modern digital cameras retain the shape of their
35mm predecessors, the lack of a film roll provides greater design
flexibility that has yet to be explored.ย Is the box-and-cylinder shape
of the digital SLR camera a necessity, or can the lens, sensor and
storage unit be moved around and experimented with?ย Art Lebedev's
Fleximus camera is no Optimus Maximus keyboard, but it is an interesting
concept that could signal greater developments in production cameras in
the near future.
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