Monday, 1 March 2010

Zune HD Getting More Colors Zune HD Different Colored Models Being Added, Internet Tech Crowd Doesn't Care

The Zune has almost been anย irrelevantย laughing stock in the eyes of
the internet tech blog-reading crowd ever since it wasย announcedย in
2006. The truth is that the Zune isn't that bad, the recent models
aren't bad looking, and the Zune HDย is packed with a ton of features,
like a nice big touchscreen and web browsing capabilities. Well,
now, that Zune HD is getting some new colors for this holiday season.
One of the brilliant ways that Apple has made the (non-touchscreen)
iPods more appealing to the mass market is that they areย availableย in
any color you could possibly want. Microsoft was lambasted as
theย originalย Zune only came in a few colors (including a dull brown,
which wrote its own jokes) and since then, Microsoft has done a fine job
of adding attractive colors.
A whole slew of new colors are coming to Microsoft's little MP3 on
December 1st, perfect in time for the holiday season. If you haven't
checked out the Zune store lately, you should take a peak as the store
lets you customize your Zune's colors and decals. It's pretty neat, and
if I didn't use my BlackBerry Bold as an MP3 player I might buy one.
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