Wednesday, 3 March 2010

ViewSonic VOT530 & VOT550 Mini PCs New Mini PCs with Windows 7, Core 2 Duo Processors & Wireless Connectivity

ViewSonic have released two new mini PCs in the form of the ViewSonic
VOT530 and the VOT550 (we actually previously featured the ViewSonic
VOT550 back here) both of which come with Intel Core Duo processors
under the hood, run Windows 7 and, lending themselves to being great
front room entertainment hubs, integrated wireless connectivity.
Measuring is at a particularly compact 165 x 50 x 165 mm and weighing
just 1.4kg, both of ViewSonic s new mini PCs are powered by 2.2GHz Core
2 Duo T6600 processors, come with GMA45 integrated graphics and, as well
as offering up Ethernet connectivity, also boast 802.11n WiFi whilst
additional highlights include six USB 2.0 ports, DVI-I and S/PDIF
outputs and an eSATA port.
Supplied complete with remote controls allowing you to control
multimedia applications from the comfort of your armchair, the ViewSonic
VOT530 packs 2GB RAM, a 320GB hard disk and a DVDยฑRW Super Multi drive
whilst the VOT550 ups the anti with an additional 2GB of RAM (totalling
4GB), upping the HDD capacity to 500GB and swapping out the DVDยฑRW
Super Multi drive in favour of a Blu-ray drive.
�ViewSonic is changing the way that people think about computing, �
said ViewSonic North America VP and general manager Jeff Volpe, in a
statement. �By providing our customers with multipurpose devices that
serve as both Internet servers and entertainment hubs, we are helping
them connect with digital content in the most convenient way possible,
whether live streaming video or accessing downloaded content stored on
the hard drive. �
In term of pricing, the ViewSonic VOT530 mini PC will set you back some
$749 whilst the Blu-ray touting ViewSonic VOT550 comes in at $949. Both
of ViewSonic s new mini PCs are available as of now.

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