Monday, 15 March 2010

Verbatim Announces 256-bit Encrypted SSD ExpressCard Verbatim Launches World’s FirstSSD Secure ExpressCard

Verbatim has again surprised everyone with a new storage solution. The
SSD Secure ExpressCard with premium AES 256-bit hardware encryption is
world s first such device. The device can and will protect your secret
secrets as it comes with features that hold its contents safely
stored.The new SS
D ExpressCard comes in 16GB and 32GB capacities but a 64GB version for
those of you that have even more secret files to protect is in the
making. That 256-bit encryption will make sure your data is protected.
If the device gets stolen or lost it will automatically delete
everything on it once 10 incorrect passwords have been entered. In case
you re going to use the ExpressCard to share data with others you have
the option of assigning guest passwords which will make some of the data
on the drive accessible to others.
The drive is �extremely sturdy and resistant to shocks and vibrations �
which means it s certainly going to serve its purpose. It s compatible
with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 so you won t have any problems
using it on various machines.
Hans-Cristoph Kaiser, business development manager of Verbatim EUMEA
said about the SSD ExpressCard:
We have seen significant growth in the SSD market in recent months.
Verbatim is seizing this opportunity and has expanded its SSD
ExpressCard range to include a hardware encrypted version: The SSD
Secure ExpressCard. Our aim is to address the rapidly growing demand for
secure portable storage solutions head-on with innovative products that
come with the security aspect already integrated.
The SSD ExpressCard doesn t require very much energy to work properly
which means that your laptop s battery life will be significantly
extended. The ExpressCard is a plug and play device which means it can
be used immediately after inserting it into the right location. The
gadget will be available in European stores with prices starting at
around $150. What do you think? Are you ready to get it?
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