Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Unboxing the Google Nexus One Smartphone Android 2.1 Powered Google Phone Gets Leaked on Video

Remember all those rumors about a Google phone and the fact that Google
Nexus One is actually something , well it looks like we can finally
give you a bit more regarding a Mountain View badged smartphone
(although there's no sign of a logo) as we just caught it on video
— after leaking on Twitter by a Google employee who was given one
to play with. Of course we had some pictures and a bunch of specs with
the Android 2.1 device, but it's nothing like having the Nexus One on
video, so here is the unboxing with all its juicy details.
As expected, the HTC-innards include under the battery cover a microSD
and a SIM card slot, but on the cover itself there's a QR 2D bar code
that says (and would probably need to resolve to)
The new Google Nexus One — funny how the name leads us thinking
that there will be future upgrades to count on — is expected to be
released sometime next year with (maybe) T-Mobile and unlocked directly
from Big G.
Looking for the official Nexus One features specifications as well as
a series of videos showing the Nexus One in action? See Google Nexus One
Specifications Features Now Official Nexus One Videos Full Low Down
" A True iPhone Beater .Read | Or scroll down for further on topic
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