Friday, 5 March 2010

T-Mobile USA to Sell the iPhone Soon? The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Who will be the next carrier in the USA to launch the iPhone? Is it
going to be a GSM-based operator like T-Mobile USA or should we expect a
CDMA/hybrid iPhone to be released for CDMA carriers like Verizon and
sivity iPhone deals have reached the end of the road in quite a few
countries. In Canada, the UK or France, other resellers are already
offering the iPhone 3GS or at least they are considering getting it. So
why shouldn t that happen in the USA too?
The Good: AT T is set to lose that iPhone exclusivity deal. In my
opinion AT T deserves some good iPhone competition from one of the other
three big wireless services providers in the USA. That way it could
focus more on expanding its network and moving on towards the future. In
this case the future is represented by LTE which will hopefully cover
the country nationwide once the technology is in place.
T-Mobile s customers would surely appreciate the iPhone especially since
the carrier has lots of new pre- and post-paid plans to bundle with the
hot Apple device. And Apple would have no problem offering the iPhone to
a GSM carrier like T-Mobile without having to make a CDMA iPhone.
The Bad: T-Mobile is still working on deploying its 3G network. An
iPhone without a proper 3G network is a pretty useless device. So why
should Apple go through with such a move?
Furthermore, Verizon s customers will suffer even more. So many of them
are waiting for Big Red to sell the iPhone and recent rumors pointing to
an imminent iPhone version for Verizon are keeping them faithful to the
carrier. Will Verizon lose more customers once T-Mobile snatches the
iPhone deal?
The Ugly: Sprint. Nobody seems to care about Sprint and by nobody I mean
Apple. I m sure the carrier would be thrilled to have the iPhone but
that means, again, that Apple has to make a CDMA iPhone soon. And if
they make one, why not offer it to Verizon first?
Naturally folks, this is just a rumor circling the Internets these days.
It will be old news by tomorrow if nobody decides to confirm it. And by
nobody, I mean Apple again.

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