Monday, 1 March 2010

Sony PSPs coming to the Royal Navy British Royal Navy getting PSPs for 'training'

The Royal Navy will purchase andย distributeย around 230 Sony PSPs to
sailors around the fleet. They will be given to marine warfare
engineering techs, and will be loaded with 'training' content, like
videos about radar, sonar, VHF radio and other communication systems.
It's apart of the Royal Navy's drive to cut training costs.The Royal
Navy went after the PSP
because of it's smaller profile, as it will allow sailors to study in
their bunk areas, as opposed to a stack of books which would be
cumbersome to store and study with. The educational material will
largely be a presentation, with anย voice overย to go along.
As soon as people know they are going on a course, they are going to
want to get their hands on these as quickly as possible so you can get a
heads-up ... Royal Navy engineer Chris Colpus told The Times of
London. However, that's not the only reason they'll want to get their
hands on them.
The UMD drive will still be functional in the devices, leading to the
possibility that sailors could play games or movies (if anybody had UMD
movies) on the devices. I thought if we don't disable it, it'll be
better looked after. They are also engineering technicians and would be
able to enable the UMD drive themselves, the Navy officer, Mark
Williams, told the Times of London.
The shelf cost of 320 PSPs is over pound sterling70,000. The Royal Navy
is attempting to lower it's costs to pound sterling200 per hour for
training programs.
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