Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Skiff E-Reading Service Coming in 2010 Hearst Working with Sprint and Marvell to Offer 3G eReader Next Year

Skiff is a company owned by Hearst Corporation and it happens to be
specialized in �the delivery and presentation of newspaper and magazine
content. � You needed to know that before I tell you that Skiff is going
to launch a brand new e-reading service platform in 2010.The new
platform will deliver content to dedicated eReaders, multipurpose
devices like smartphones and netbooks and from the looks of it,
Skiff plans to be a serious competitor for the Kindle or the nook.
How will Skiff be any different you ask? Well the newspaper and magazine
content it will offer will have the following features: Visually
appealing layouts. High-resolution graphics Rich typography Dynamic updates
Kenneth A. Bronfin, president of Hearst Interactive Media had this to
say about Skiff:
Navigating new digital technologies is extremely challenging for
publishers, which is why Skiff exists "it will give publishers a strong
partner that can help them succeed in e-reading. Skiff will offer
publishers a way to participate across the full value chain, from
shaping publication design to selling advertising to maintaining
subscriber relationships, so that they can better control their destiny
as e-reading expands.
Will Skiff launch its own eReader? That sounds like the smart thing to
do as the eReader market is going to read even more in the following
years. Although we have no product to show you today we heard that Skiff
has partnered with Marvell to help create the world s first system on
a chip for e-reading.
Another important parthership was signed with Sprint which will be the
company designated to provide 3G connectivity for Skiff future s
eReaders in the USA. No details have been given at this point regarding
such a future Skiff device but these partnerships guarantee the fact
that a new eBook reader is coming next year.
Until then you can purchase the Kindle from Amazon or wait until
January, when at some point, the nook will be available again in Barnes
Noble stores. In case you don t like the nook or the Kindle, what
eBook reader are you going to purchase?

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