Monday, 15 March 2010

PeekFON Coming To Europe Mobile E-Mail Only Device Heads To Europe, only €99

The Peek drew some confused looks when it was firstย announced, as it
was purely a mobile e-mail gadget, with no phone, no apps or no web
browser. Now, the Peek is heading to Europe, courtesy of Spanish WiFi
Router company FON, who says the device is perfect in Europe because of
high cellular roaming charges.
The Peek, now called the PeekFon, will cost a European
e-mailย connoisseurย โ�EUR99 ($146), with the e-mail service free for
six months, after that, Fon will charge โ�EUR13 ($20) per month. This
service is provided via a GSM cellular connection, but the Peek will
also be able to access the e-mail service via Fon's 800,000 WiFi
hotspots in Europe.
An e-mail-only gadget may seem a bit bizarre, but according to Fon, it's
usefulness comes for those who wish to avoid the pricey, long-term
contracts for e-mail with a BlackBerry or iPhone, and the steep roaming
charges that affect European mobile phone customers. FON CEO Martin
Varsavsky doesn't even play around with the idea that his device is
superior, saying that a Blackberry, an iPhone, an Android is a better
product than a Peek and if you have the extra money to sign 1200 euros
contracts and spend a few thousand more for roaming the Peek can t
compete with the complete iPhone, Blackberry, Android experience .
That being said, he did promise Twitter and web browsing functionality
in upcoming newer models of the Peek gadget. The Peek, out now, will set
you back $60 in the United States, or โ�EUR99 in Europe, with the the
service plans for both roughly โ�EUR13/$20 for both continents.
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