Monday, 15 March 2010

Motorola 'La Jolla' Coming? Source Code Reveals Low-End Motorola Android Phone Coming

The folks over at AndroidandMe have done some investigating into the
source code for the Motorola CLIQ Android phone and have fo
und some interesting things, mainly references in the code to other
phones, including a low-end 'La Jolla' handset.
Keep in mind that La Jolla is only a codename at this point so it will
likely be released as something else later on. By digging through the
code, AndroidandMe was able to determine the La Jolla will have the
following stats – Qualcomm 528MHz Processor, a physical keypad, an
accelerometer, along with a smaller touchscreen. The exact dimensions of
the touchscreen are unknown, but it will have a smaller resolution, at
only 240×400.
Statements by Motorola over the past 6 months have revealed plans to
create a cheaper Android phone. In one statement,
theyย specificallyย named $150 as a price point of where they'd like to
get the phone. Aย subsidizedย deal with a US telcom provider could
easily get a $150 down to a $50 price or less with a cell contract for
the customer. For reference, the other Android phones in Motorola's
lineup are at $400 (the CLIQ) and $560 (the Droid).
No details yet on what the La Jolla will look like or
possibleย availability, but it isย definitelyย coming. Prepare for
another Android phone to hit the market.
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