Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Motorola Droid Tablet Revealed Details Leak On Droid Tablet, Features HDMI out, 720p recording

When an internal Motorola produc
t roadmap was leaked to outsiders some time ago, it showed the (now
popular) Motorola Droid as codenamed 'Sholes', and beyond that,
anย ambiguousย 'Sholes Tablet', which all assumed is a Droid tablet.
Now, details have leaked on the 'Sholes Tablet', and it will come fully
loaded with features.
A poster on a Taiwanese mobile phone discussion forum has linked
pictures and a hands-on review of the mysterious Sholes Tablet. The
poster is reporting that it won't be a tablet in a tradition sense, but
instead, a thinner Droid with no physical keyboard, similar to the iPhone.
The Droid Tablet is set to come equipped with a HDMI port, which
according to the Tawianese message board, makes it the first smartphone
to be equipped with such a port. The 8-megapixel camera on board the
tablet will be able to record in 720p, explaining why you would want to
have a HDMI-out port in the first place. For camera nerds, the Droid
Tablet will feature a Xenon-powered flash.
The message board reports that the Droid Tablet will carry the same
Cortex A8 processor as the regular Droid, however, will have a hefty
clock speed of 800 MHz. The report claims that the Droid Tablet will
carry the same 3.7 touch screen as the current Droid, and will come a
bit smaller. The report also declares that the Tablet will come equipped
with Android 2.0 – which seems a bit premature at this point, even
if the Tablet is supposed to be released in Q1 2010.
If this device is real, and more than just some machine-translated
Tawian and some foggy pictures of HDMI ports, expect Motorola to release
more information at CES.
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