Sunday, 7 March 2010

MacBook Pro Getting Core i5 and i7 Processors? Rumor Reports Intel's New Arrandale Chips Coming To MacBook Pro

Intel's upcoming release of Core i5 and i7 chips which are optimized for
mobile use has led to the rumor circulating around the internet that the
chips will make an appearance in Apple's MacBook Pro line. The MacBook
Pros have gone several months without a refresh – added more fuel
to the rumor fire.
The Core 2 Duos that currently come equipped in a MacBook Pro are
getting a bit dated by Intel's current offerings in the processor space.
Intel is planning to release three new chips, of the Arrandale chip
design (designed for mobile computers), and reports that
these chips are going straight into new MacBook Pros.
These processors will be added to Intel's Core i5 and i7 lines, and
their speeds will range from 2.4GHz to 2.66GHz, with prices (from
manufactuers, expect a hefty markup for homebuilt computers) ranging
from $225 to $332. MacRumors is reporting that the first batch of these
processors will be power intensive, likely placing them in the high-end
MacBook Pros.
MacRumors also suggests that once a lower-voltageย versionย of
theseย thingsย are released by Intel, you may see them added to the
super-thin MacBook Air. The MacBook Pro line was last upgraded in June
2009 and featured a processor upgrade, but Apple opted to stay with
Intel's Core 2 Duo line. With Intel's Arrandale chips rolling off the
production dye in January 2010, that would make June 2010 a perfect time
for Apple to roll out a MacBook Pro refresh with new Core i5 and Core i7
chips. Just a few days ago, weย reported on a rumor that Intel's super
high-end Core i9 processors could be coming to Apple's desktop Mac
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