Monday, 15 March 2010

Mac Pro Refreshed Apple Packs 3.33GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processors Into Mac Pro, Price Steep

Apple has quietly upgraded their high-end desktop. Mac Pro customers now
have the ability to purchase the overpowered Mac Pro with faster Intel
Xeon processors that clock at 3.33GHz. The add-on will cost a Mac Pro
buyer an extra $1,200.
Recent refreshments in the iMac line gave the consumer-based desktop a
powerful new Intel Core i5, which made the horsepower divis
ion between the iMac and Mac Pro not that far. Remember, the Mac Pro is
considerably more expensive and is marketed as the powerhouse. While
this refresh doesn't add a hexacore processor, it still adds quiet a
power boost to the Mac Pros.
The sagging appeal of the Mac Pro drew some internet criticism, mainly
from high-profile blog Gizmodo, whoย opinedย that it was 'straight
stupid' to buy a Mac Pro over a iMac. While this probably isn't a
response to the internet criticism, it certianly answers some of the
The refresh also allows Mac Pro purchasers to add a 2TB drive to their
computer, for a maximum up to four. Theย optionalย highspeed Xeon will
cost the purchaser an extra $1,200, while the 2TB drives will cost $350
per drive.
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