Monday, 1 March 2010

iRiver Story eBook Reader Gains Release in UK iRiver Story 6โ€ QWERTY eBook Reader Yours For ยฃ230 from Amazon

What with Alex having advised you last week that the iRiver Story eBook
Reader had hit the UK we can now also advise UK based readers who are
looking for an alternative to Amazon s own eBook reader, the Amazon
Kindle, or offerings from other companies such as Sony, that the iRiver
Story 6 � eBook Reader is now available from Amazon UK for just under
pound sterling230.
You can obtain an insight as to what the iRiver Story brings to the
table in terms of features and specifications by linking through to the
above post but, as a quick refresher, the device sports a 6 � E-Ink 800
x 600 resolution 8 grey scale display along with a full, integrated
QWERTY keyboard whilst additionally packing 2GB NAND memory, am SD/SDHC
card slot, inbuilt speaker, MP3/WMA audio file format compatibility and
(optional) WiFi " though it should be stressed that the Amazon iRiver
eBook Reader referred to appears not to offer WiFi as a specific option.
Offering compatibility with EPUB, PDF, TXT, DOC, PDF,PPT, XLS and ZIP,
JPEG, BMP, GIF file formats, the iRiver Story eBook Reader Amazon
product p age can be viewed here and you ll note that, to date
certainly, user feedback is decidedly positive (if not wholly glowing).

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