Sunday, 28 March 2010

iBuyPower Level 10 Gaming PCs Announced Level 10 PCs Featuring Thermaltake's Stunning BMW-designed Cases & Lots of Power

Got yourself the most powerful Core i7 processor from Intel's new range,
a little monster graphics card, lots of RAM and a huge hard drive to
store everything you could think of, but have no idea what case you
should go for? A good choice would be to check out Thermaltake's case
design that has been worked out in conjunction with stylists from
Germany's BMW Designworks. But if you'd rather leave the pros from
iBuyPower to come up with a configuration for you, check out the new
Level 10 gaming PCs!
Renowned for their high performance custom gaming computers and
notebooks, iBuyPower has managed to stun everyone with the new Level 10
computers that take advantage of the modular, sectioned-off case design
that not only make upgrades a lot more easier, but simply add to your
rig's unique look.
Packing a GeForce GTX 285 graphics card with 2GB of RAM, a 1TB hard
drive and an 128 SSD to boot from, abasic iBuyPower Level 10 model works
on a 2.66GHz Core i7 CPU, has 6 gigs of RAM and runs Windows 7 Home
Premium — all for a $2,499 price tag (no monitor included).
Of course the more demanding gamer would probably appreciate a 3.3GHz i7
975 processor, the addition of an ATI branded Radeon HD 5970 graphics
card, some 24 GB of RAM, multiple hard drives or a Blu-ray player, but
as you'd probably expect, that goes well over $5,000.
Hardcore, eh?
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