Sunday, 28 March 2010

HTC evolve Android Tablet Concept HTC Android Tablet Concept Looks Real Only It Isn’t

2009 is almost over and we re just days away of the year of the tablet.
Whether we like it or not, I have a feeling that 2010 will bring us a
bunch of new devices in our lives and a bunch of copycats and wannabes.
So what do you say? Are you ready to switch your netbook with a tablet
of some sort?Apple and Microsoft are each going to release its own
tablet but that doesn t mean they are going to be the only players in
the business. Archos already has tablets of various sizes and that cancel
ed CrunchPad project could be easily revived as the joojoo. In other
words we can expect any computer and cell phone manufacturer out there
to create some sort of a tablet device in the following year.
The evolve tablet in the pictures here is just another tablet concept,
one that could be manufactured by HTC. Running Google s Android under
the hood, the device could be one of our future daily companions. The
device in the picture has been designed by Timur Pinar and it should
come with the following specs and features:Intel Atom processor
Touchscreen display 128GB SSD drive 1.5GB of RAM Custom skinned version
of Android OS or Chrome OS 2 USB 3.0 ports 1 HDMI port 3.5mm headphone
jack Camera and microphone Stylus pen Extra OLED touchscreen with
pre-programmed buttons
It will be interesting to see if HTC, or any other cell phone maker,
will consider making such devices like the evolve. Add a SIM card to the
whole thing and you ll have a device capable to browse the web at all
times, make calls and send SMS messages. The decent screen will let us
watch some of our favorite movies and TV shows while on the go, not to
mention playing various games whenever you feel like doing so.
Whether the HTC evolve gets made or not, 2010 will surely offer us a
bunch of tablets to choose from. Are you ready to purchase a tablet next
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