Sunday, 7 March 2010

HTC Dragon/Passion Gets Delayed to 2010 Verizon to Announce the Dragon/Passion Only in 2010?

Although I d love to tell you that the HTC Dragon/Passion is coming by
Christmas, I m afraid I can t be the bearer of such good news. Although
not officially official, it looks like HTC won t be able to launch the
phone this year and the new Android flagship device has been delayed to
early 2010.Furthermore it s rumored that Verizon will be the carrier
that will launch the Dragon/Passion once HTC is
ready to send it our way. Anxious already?
After we ve seen the upcoming HTC lineup earlier here on TFTS, we can
safely say that next year HTC will surely have a few interesting phones.
Will we really want this Passion in 2010 or will we wait for some other
Android handset?
Sources say that HTC is working hard on software issues on the Passion.
Rumored to come with features like Android 2.0/2.1, a 1GHz Snapdragon
chipset and a 3.5-inch multitouch OLED panel, the Passion will be the
first Android 2.0 phone coming from HTC.
It s surprising not to see HTC launch the Passion this year especially
since Motorola already managed to launch an Android 2.0 phone. HTC has
been the first manufacturer out there to launch an Android handset and
it looks like it will face some fierce competition from everyone else
especially in the Android business.
The Motorola Droid seems to be the hottest cell phone of the end of 2009
and HTC s upcoming Passion will have a tough time fighting against the
What s also surprising is that Verizon is rumored to launch the Passion.
I m expecting T-Mobile and Sprint to be more interested in the HTC
Dragon/Passion. And dare I say AT T too? For some reason AT T is still
reluctant to enter the Android game. Maybe the carrier should do that in
style by getting a device like the Passion. After all, that iPhone
exclusivity deal will not be available forever, will it?
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