Monday, 15 March 2010

Creative ZiiSound D5 iPod Speaker Dock ZiiSound D5 Speakers & Charger for Your iPhone & iPod Touch

Besides talking about their new ZiiLABS StemCell Computing t
echnology which is supposedly going to lead to world class products that
would suit the needs of a sustainable planet, folks from Creative have
taken the time to announce their new ZiiSound D5 iPod / iPhone speaker
dock on Tuesday, during the Zii Summit event in China.
Not much different from the standard dock systems we see popping every
day, Singapore-based multimedia company hasn't added a Zii chip under
the hood meaning that there's no sign of 1080p-capable processing.
Basically, the Creative ZiiSound D5 works as a charger and doubles as
speakers for both your iPod Touch and for Apple's handset — which
by the way, get connected together using a Bluetooth adapter or using a
3.5mm audio jack.
No official word regarding availability and pricing, but sources close
to the company have advised that the Creative ZiiSound D5 speakers
shouldn't cost more than $299 and that it should be in stores early 2010.
Why not before Christmas? Beyond our imagination
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