Friday, 26 March 2010

AV Bank Dodeka PMP Released Japanese PMP Features 7" Screen, 8GB Memory, HDMI output

Japanese gadget company Thanko has rolled out a new wide-screen personal
media player device. The AV Bank Dodeka features a big 7-inch screen and
features 8GB of on-board memory.
In addition to the 8GB of on-board flash, the Dodeka also features a
microSD slot for even more memory. As for video file formats, it'll play
all the popular formats. Musically, it's a bit limited as it only plays
MP3's, which may be the
most popular format, but some may want a few more formats.
The Dodeka can also push video to a larger screen, via either HMDI
orย componentย videoย outputs. A USB port is how you recharge and add
new files to the device.ย Theย AV Bank Dodeka is now shipping in Japan
for a price of ยฅ15,800 (or $176). The device's menus are in English,
and any interested parties should contact your favorite Japanese
importer to see if you can get your hands on this sweet big-screen PMP.
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