Thursday, 25 March 2010

Amazon CloudFront Media Streaming Now Available Amazon Web Services Adds Media Streaming to Its Content Delivery Service

Amazon Web Services, an company, has gone official with a new
feature, streaming media delivery for Amazon CloudFront. That means that
you can now choose to stream audio and video content to your devices
from Amazon Cl
oudFront instead of downloading the full media file.That way you should
enjoy your favorite shows almost immediately without having to wait for
the full download. Amazon CloudFront will get all that content for you
from a worldwide network of 14 edge locations which means you ll
experience low latencies and �cost-effective � deliveries. And just
like all Amazon Web Services, the Amazon CloudFront only require minimum
fees as you will pay for what you will actually use.
Tal Saraf, General Manager of Amazon CloudFront had this to say about
the new service:
Many customers have told us that an on-demand streaming media service
with low latency, high performance and reliability has been out of reach
" it was technically complex and required sales negotiations and
up-front commitments. We re excited to add streaming functionality to
Amazon CloudFront that is so easy, customers of any size can start
streaming content in minutes.
As I said before, you only pay for what you use. In case you haven t
watched the whole movie or video, you will pay exactly for what you did
watch, which is certainly a feature you will love.
So how does it all work exactly? What users will have to do is �simply
store the original copy of their media objects in the Amazon Simple
Storage Service (Amazon S3), and then enable those files for
distribution in Amazon CloudFront. � That doesn t sound too complicated
especially when you ll have tools like the AWS Management Console or the
Amazon CloudFront API at your disposal. Once content streaming is
requested, users will get the highest bit rate, lowest latency and
highest quality stream possible.
Amazon CloudFront will use Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5.2 to stream
content and users can expect live events for 2010.
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