Sunday, 28 March 2010

2010 Symbian User Interface Gets Leaked Nokia Shares with Everyone Its Vision on the Future on Symbian

Just the other day I told you about Nokia s annual Capital Markets Day
event where Nokia s execs explained to anxious share holders what the
Finnish manufacturer is going to be working on next year.Besides numbers
and f
inancial prediction two important notes were made on Symbian and Maemo.
We now know that Maemo will not take the place of Symbian as the latter
will go through not one, but two important changes that are supposed to
offer us a totally improved mobile OS.
In 2010 Nokia will work heavily on the user interface of Symbian and the
company was kind enough to offer a whole PDF file filled with
interesting information regarding the new OS changes. Mind you, the file
at the read link is the official presentation from the Capital Markets
Day event but it s worth going through it.
I can only say that while I am impressed by those good looking pics I
want to actually see the end results. Symbian^3 is supposed to come in
the first half of 2010 and it should deliver all the features mentioned
above. Symbian^4 is also going to be launched next year and it should be
even better than Symbian^3. We can only wish that Nokia will launch hot
smartphones next year in order to put pressure on the competition.
Because so far, Nokia has failed to really come up with a great smartphone.
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