Friday, 26 February 2010

Win a Nokia N900 from Mozilla Your Firefox Mobile Add-On Wins One of 10 N900 Phones

Do you want a Nokia N900? Would you like to get a free one? Well that s
possible if you know your way around Mozilla Firefox. In fact you re
surely going to get one if you can develop add-ons for Firefox. That s
right, the company is offering not one, but 10 phones for you.
All you have to do is make sure that you take part in the Mobile Add-on
Developer Challenge and submit your add-on idea by December 7, 2009.
After that the judges from Mozilla will select 10 add-ons that �best
represent user experience and innovation on Firefox for mobile devices �
and then the chosen developers will get the Nokia N900 phones in question.
In case you re not exactly a developer then you re probably not going to
be able to take part in this fun challenge. But you will definitely have
to gain from Mozilla s initiative as those add-ons will come in handy
when browsing the Internet in the future, especially from your mobile
The good news for developers is that the contest is available to almost
any participant everywhere in the world. But there are some exceptions
that do apply:
Contest is void in Cuba, Iran, Province of Quebec (Canada), North Korea,
Sudan, Syria, Union of Myanmar, and where prohibited by law.
In order to be able to take part in this contest you will have to be at
the age of majority in your country although exceptions do apply for
United States and Brazil teenagers that happen to master the gift of
coding add-ons. In order for them to participate they will need to
submit a parental consent form.
Once you have developed your Firefox extension for mobile simply submit
it to Mozilla. In case you have already developed one before this
announcement then you ll still be able to use it to enter the contest.
Simply contact Mozilla and tell them that you want to have a go for the
free N900 with the add-on already developed by you.
Finally, there s no fee for this Contest so go ahead and develop a
Firefox mobile add-on that will change the world as we know it. And then
let us know if you won! After all we were the ones to tell you about
this contest in the first place.

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