Saturday, 27 February 2010

WebOS Facebook App Now Available Facebook App for Palm Pre & Palm Pixi Released, Requires WebOS 1.3.1

Having just offered you a heads up concerning the availability of the
new WebOS 1.3.1 Firmware, and advising that the Palm Pixi is now
available via Sprint, we follow up with news that owners of both the
Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi at last have their own Facebook app which,
incidentally, requires the aforementioned WebOS 1.3.1.

Unfortunately, whilst a Facebook app for the Palm Pre/Palm Pixi will
undoubtably be warmly welcomed you ll need to reel in your expectations
as if you re envisioning a Facebook app that s comparable with the
iPhone s Facebook application (as you ll be sorely disappointed) " as
the WebOS 1.3.1 Facebook app is a somewhat basic affair in terms of
functionality and features. For example, whilst you can gain contact
information by clicking on a contact s name or photo you can forget
about any search functionality (a search feature does not appear to be
in evidence) or viewing events or just about anything else aside from
base functionality " though some would argue (understandably) that such
features are hardly removed from what one would readily assume to be
fairly base level features.
Still, if you ve been waiting for a Facebook app for your Palm Pre or
new Palm Pixi, you ve got it (as underwhelming as it is).
WebOS 1.3.1 Facebook App Screen Captures Credit | Engadget
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