Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sanyo Eneloop Daul WiiMote Charger (Wii Motion Plus Compatible) 'Contactless' Eneloop Wii Remote Charger Gets Official

Sanyo have introduced a newer version of its dual Wii Remote, Eneloop
battery charging station that serves to build upon the features of the
initial version seen last year by offering compatibility with Wii
Remotes with Wii Motion Plus attachments.
The new version of the Eneloop friendly dual Wii Remote Charger offers
�contactless charging of one or two Wii Remotes (with or without Wii
Motion Plus attachments) and comes complete with two Eneloop dual AA
battery packs that have been design specifically to fit the controllers
and which, along with a supplied USB cable, will allow you to charge
your controllers via the dual dock courtesy of the Wii console s USB port.
Billed as being capable of fully charging a Wii Remote in around 3 hours
and 40 minutes which will see you good for around 6.5 hours of gaming
use, the officially licensed Sanyo Eneloop Daul Wii Remote Charger can
be pre-ordered in the US as of now for just over $80 with a listed
shipping date of mid-December.
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