Thursday, 25 February 2010

Samsung 3G UbiCell Personal CDMA Base Station Gets Official Samsungโ€ s Femtocell Solution to be Available in 2010

I really hate femtocell solutions but at the same time they are a
necessary evil. And femtocells are growing more and more popular as we
need more coverage and data speed from our wireless services providers.
But should we really seek femtocells? Wouldn t it be easier for carriers
to properly upgrade their networks in order for us not to have to do it
Because that s what femtocells do. They bring the extra speed and
coverage we want and we get to pay for those features. I thought we were
paying our carriers for those particular features in the first place!
Well guess what? With femtocells we ll have two plans to cover each month.
We can t blame Samsung for coming up with a new femtocell toy. After all
they re only doing their job which is to provide gadgets capable of
handling our needs. The 3G UbiCell Personal CDMA Base Solution is one
such gadget. The femtocell has been properly announced today although it
will only hit the market at some point in 2010.
So what will the 3G UbiCell have to offer for us? Here s a quick list of
features and specs:
Easy installation
Seamless handoff to Macro networks
Built-in GPS
Reduced Churn
Increased Capacity
RF environment adaptability
Built-in security
1xEV-DO Rev. A support
Up to 8 simultaneous users support
Nivi Thadasina, Samsung Mobile s Director of Product Development had
this to say about the device:
The 3G UbiCell enables our customers to quickly provide the complete
home experience with guaranteed full wireless services plus the
integrated home services to give a rich offering of converged services.
Sure the device will definitely do its job but I m still convinced that
we wouldn t need as many femtocell solutions as we see today if only the
carriers had upgraded thoroughly their networks by now.
But that s enough about my obvious stance against femtocell solutions.
What about you? Are you using femtocells already? Would you be
interested in the 3G UbiCell from Samsung?
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