Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Palm Pre Suffers Backup Issues Palm's Online Profile Feature Doesn't Backup Correctly

If you're an touch-screenย connoisseur and have resisted the peer
pressure to go with an iPhone or Android, and instead went with the Palm
Pre, you should be aware that when restoring your personal information
from the online Palm Profile, your data might be missing, incomplete
andย unfortunately, irretrievable.
One of the features of Palm's webOS was the Palm Profile, where you
could backup your contacts, calendar, tasks and memos to the internet
and sync that data back to your phone if you ever needed too. Too bad it
doesn't work right.
Both Palm and Sprint haveย acknowledgedย that the service is not working
correctly. Users who have tried to restore their data from Palm Profile
have found that the data is missing, andย apparently, gone forever.
Past Palm smartphones that ran PalmOS had a robust backup system where
users could sync their data to a personal computer. However with their
new touch-screen webOS, Palm users instead backup their data to Palm
servers and the Palm Profile service. Even if they wanted to sync their
data to a desktop, webOS users are unable to.
Last month, we reported on Microsoft losing the data of T-Mobile
Sidekick users. Draw your own conclusions on the safety of backing up
your mobile phone personal data to the Cloud instead of on your own
personal computer.
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