Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Palm Pixi to Sell for $30 at Walmart 2-YR Sprint Contract Still Required

As you may very well know, the Pixi, Palm s second webOS phone is coming
on November 15 from Sprint. I ll have to say from the start that Sprint
has chosen a really bad time to launch the phone. The Pixi is not better
than the Pre and it s coming out right after the Droid, the Droid Eris
and the BlackBerry Storm 2. And let s not forget that Nokia s N900 is
also getting ready to ship.
We get it, Palm, the Pixi is definitely a good handset and some people
will like it even better as it s supposed to come with webOS 1.3.1 on
board. But the cell phone business has other needs right now. We want a
better Pre version not a Pixi. A better Pre that could really fight
against the Droid and the iPhone.
The Pixi doesn t come cheap either. The phone is supposed to sell for
$99.99 in Sprint stores with a 2-year new contract. That s the price you
get after a $50 instant rebate and a $100 mail-in rebate. Isn t it too
expensive when thinking about what the competition has to offer?
Compared to the Pre, which is already available at around $100, the Pixi
is really too expensive.
But fear not folks! It looks like Walmart, the store that would sell you
anything for less, is ready to sell the Palm Pixi for less too. In fact
it seems that the Pixi is going to be available for just $30 with a new
2-year contract. That s a $70 instant discount that you should
definitely take into consideration.
The Pixi is supposed to be available this Sunday, so until then you have
plenty of time to decide whether it s worth buying or not. But in case
you desperately want a webOS phone you should go for the Pre instead.
You get a larger screen, a better camera, Wi-Fi support and all that is
available for a similar price. In case someone does decide to offer the
Pixi for free in the following period of time then you should reconsider
getting one.
Let us know how you like your Pixi once you purchased it!
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