Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Nokia N900 Video Ad Reveals N900's True Form N900 Shocker Confirms There's More to Nokia's Handset than Meets the Eye

As far as product ads go we have to say that, not withstanding the fact
that the N900 barely makes an appearance (since when do ads actually
give that much air time to actual products these days, anyhow?), Nokia s
new N900 video ad certainly had us gripped and, in terms of �feel , it
s particularly accomplished but (and needless to say) if you re looking
to gain insight as to the N900 s capabilities you ll find yourself
wholly disappointed.
Still, that s hardly the point of these sorts of ads is it? The key to
these types of ads is to create a buzz and in this respect there s no
doubt that this particular ad excels and makes its mark. Personally we
love it, though we d be interested to see how you feel about it.
Of course, if you are looking for insight as to what the Nokia N900
brings to the table in terms of features and specifications the above ad
is decidedly lacking in terms of detail, but, if you happen yet to
become versed with the capabilities of the N900 (and we suspect that
this applies to virtually none of you) then worry not, we have this well
and truly covered courtesy of the postings offered below:
Nokia N900 Becomes Official, Release Date and Prices Confirmed Nokia's
First Linux-based Smartphone Takes on iPhone
Nokia N900 Pre-orders Have Begun Nokia N900 Tablet Price Confirmed
Nokia N900 Starts Shipping Nokia N900 to be Available in the USA,
Europe and the Middle East
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